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Mechanization As A Service

Tun Yat offers mechanization service on-demand by following an Uber-for-tractor model. Our fleet of high-quality farming machines provide affordable and reliable services for farmers with relatively low income. Operating in one service hub, we fill gaps in mechanization among farmers by using mechanization inputs to increase yields.

  • Farmers receive agri-machinery rental service for land preparation and harvesting rice, maize, sesame and bean crops.

  • Farmers acquire high quality machinery from us - Japanese (Kubota), European (New Holland) and American Quality (John Deere Machines).

  • Vitally, farmers require skilled machine operators for efficient machine utilization and better yields. Thus, our operators are well-trained to provide a reliable and on-time service.

Farming As A Service

As part of our farming-as-a-service procedure, existing customers are offered premium services: premium quality seeds (brown rice, jasmine rice, black rice and sesame are a few of them), quality fertilizer, post-harvest transportation and guaranteed crop buy-back service linked to a local or export buyer.

Holding Soil
Picking Weeds

Are You A Crop Grower Or A Buyer?

  • Tun Yat connects and builds trustful business relationships between grower groups, buyers and off-takers.

  • Our Facebook Platform provide market linkage between tractor owners, dealers and farmers.

  • Moreover, IoT sensor devices attached to our machines collect accurate machine utilization data that tractor dealers and banks, lending out tractor loans, want to analyze.

Farming as a service
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