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Shal Kaung (ရှယ်​ကောင်း ဆန်ပြုတ်)

A convenient yet nutritious and fulfilling meal, Shal Kaung instant porridge is produced from locally farmed paddy and protein.

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Boil up a bowl of fish porridge for a flavorful combination of snakehead meat, aromatic garlic, onion, spring onions and carrots compounded with nutritious seaweed and hints of lemongrass. Start your day strong and mentally engaged with a boost of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Pro tip: Crack in an egg at the final seconds of cooking for an umami blast

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Experience the chicken porridge for a warm, hearty bowl of chicken and ginger complimented with carrots, garlic, onions and spring onion.  Whether it's for breakfast, lunch or occasional snacking habits, pack in the protein whenever and wherever you need.

Pro tip:  Add a dash of pepper / soy sauce to your taste for a flavor bomb

Rakhine Seasoning Powder

Craving for an authentic flare and spice of a traditional Rakhine meal? Let go the hassle of looking around your kitchen for the right spices.

Shal Kaung Rakhine Seasoning Powder traditionally pairs well with chicken or seafood to bring you that sour and blazing soup that we all love.

Ingredients:  Yellow Pike Conger Powder, Nettle Leaf, Rakhine Eggplant, Green Chili Powder, Fermented Shrimp Powder, Lemongrass and Garlic Powder

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